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I have offered PREORDER on my apparel designs since the start of Bunkhouse Apparel. It's a great way for me to judge interest in a design, and allows you to save money and pick what color and item it is printed on.... but "world chaos" is wreaking some havoc on the timeline of items getting printed, as well as the availability of blank apparel items.  I planned to run a Preorder this Monday... but instead I am still waiting on an early December order (that was supposed to arrive on January 3rd) that had proofs on some new items. This delay in printing, as well as having to cancel and refund 2 shirts in my last preorder doesn't sit well with me, but am not ready to give up on preorder options quite yet! Please fill out the below form so I can continue to offer you what you want! I will do a draw for a free in-stock tee or tank on anyone that takes the time to give me your input on the topic! 

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