Every second month you will be mailed out something from the Bunkhouse valued at $40-$65 (That is the value after your 15% discount)! 5 of these boxes will be filled with a Bunkhouse item(s) I pick, such as teeshirts, jewelry, smelly stuff, wildrags and more (details to come since I don't want to spoil all the surprises that are coming up!). For the last box, after you have had a chance to sample everything, you will get a $70 credit  to use  on your choice of items from the Bunkhouse, instructions on how this will work will be included in Box 5!  


Please Answer all the Questions so that each box makes you smile! 

6 Boxes/Year

  • Shipping is included in the subscription price. If you are a local and can either pick it up them up or have a designated drop off spot in Hanna for each month, contact me and I will refund the shipping portion of the subscription cost! 

    Subscription box products are ineligible for return once delivered, but subscriptions can be cancelled with 1 months notice and the amount remaining will be refunded. I make a personal promise that these are full of quality products. The reasoning behind these boxes is to promote the Bunkhouse so you will be receiving nothing but the best, there will be no "dumping grounds" of unsellable items!