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Scent Strength 3.5/5


Have you ever climbed up into the Cypress Hills on a fall morning, when that crisp freshness hits you, but you aren't sure if you are in the prairies or the mountains? It's truly a scent of its own, and that what this Bunkhouse fragrance that is dominated by sage and juniper reminded me of! This is one of our scents that also used Natural Fragrance oils! 


Melts are 2.5oz, come in a 6 block package. 4oz candles come in a deep metal tin, have 29.5 hours burn time, 8oz candles come in a clear glass jar, have approximately 60 hour burn time. 15oz candles come in a speckled ceramic coffee mug (assorted colors), so when the wax is gone you can simply release the wick clip using a blow dryer/heat gun and you gain a Bunkhouse mug! All candles come with a wood wick.

Cypress Hills Morning

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