Here at the Bunkhouse, unique wildrags are serious business!  Our scarves are custom printed just for the Bunkhouse, with all hemming happening in house! 2 different kinds of silk are available, giving you the option of quality and that amazing silky feeling vs cost friendly, but still silk. Here are the kinds of silk we carry:

-Satin Silk (also called Charmeuse) is what most people think when they hear the word silk; one side is shiny, the other slightly duller, with an almost slippery smooth feel, with the scarves I offer being 60gsm weight. 

-Habotai Silk is your cost effective option, with a slightly rougher feel then satin, and is 40gsm; this is what I use for the 28" scarves, making them kid friendly, but big enough for a light scarf for adults. 

All scarves come with a lifetime guarantee on the hems.