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Here at the Bunkhouse, unique wildrags are serious business!  Our scarves are custom printed just for the Bunkhouse, with all hemming happening in house! 3 different kinds of silk are available, giving you the option of quality vs cost friendly, and shiny vs matte finishes. Here are the kinds of silk we carry:

-Satin Silk (also called Charmeuse) is what most people think when they hear the word silk; one side is shiny, the other slightly duller, with an almost slippery smooth feel, with the scarves I offer being 60gsm weight. 

-Crepe silk is the matte option, not quite as smooth as the satin, but still soft, and the same weight at 60gsm. 

-Habotai Silk is your cost effective option, with a slightly rougher feel then the other two silks, and is 40gsm; this is what I use for the 28" scarves, making them kid friendly, but big enough for a light scarf for adults. 

All scarves come with a lifetime guarantee on the hems. 


Looking for something custom? Contact us! We offer 100% customizable wildrags!