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Here at the Bunkhouse, it's a 20 mile drive to the closest town: Hanna, Alberta, population 2500. I truly know the good, and the bad, of small town, rural living! One of the 'bads' being there just isn't the population base to support a retail business via storefront. 

Without you, my online audience, the Bunkhouse would be nothing. Thank you for all your amazing support as we continue to grow and expand! I know that the majority of Bunkhouse customers come from areas just like me, and I want to give back! 


Without neighborly spirit, these small communities that we know and love would be non-existent. I know that day to day operations of your schools, sports clubs, community centers, arenas and rinks rely heavily on fundraisers. This is where the Bunkhouse wants to offer a hand! If you are from a small community (that means no Walmart and your kids have the same teachers as you did kind-of-small, not 10,000 people 'small') and have a fundraiser coming up, don't hesitate to get ahold of me!!!

Many donation requests come our way, so the standing offer here at the Bunkhouse for auction/raffle items is (with proof of the fundraiser) you can purchase any of our products at 35-50% off full retail value to be used towards such events.

Besides donations, we also offer a fundraising program with our Candles and Melts. With this program, your group will decide between 10-15 scents to market (1 can be a specific scent created just for your fundraiser, the rest will be regular Bunkhouse scents) and I will look after the rest.  I will provide the online platform to sell them and will deliver the finished product to a single drop off within my usual area of travel (connect the dots between Stettler, Consort, Oyen, Medicine Hat, Brooks and Drumheller-ish, with fairly regular trips to Ponoka as well). Outside of this area shipping or delivery with a fee available. Also willing to pick a specific day during the duration of the candle fundraiser on which 15% off all Bunkhouse sales will go towards your cause. Candles are made as ordered, and will be delivered 2-3 weeks after the fundraiser closes (due to cure time of wax needed). Being a one-man show, this fundraising offer is limited to smaller groups.

If interested in either of the options above, please contact me via email, or you can call/text 403-854-1986 (but I rarely check my voicemails and don't pack my phone 24/7 though, just a heads up)

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